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The founder and CEO, Stephanie Kline birthed C.L.E.V.E.R. in its infancy, years ago when she became frustrated with the lack of outlets to assist and help in the areas of social justice and community growth that she was most passionate about. C.L.E.V.E.R., since its inception, has grown to become an arts advocacy organization, as well as, a resource for Youth LGBTQIA+ persons in her community. Though most of the current projects are focused within North Carolina at the moment, C.L.E.V.E.R. looks to expand and partner with communities and organizations across the United States and beyond. 

As the owner of several writing and book based companies, Stephanie has learned the importance of people over profit, and the fair and equitable treatment of all humans, especially within the work place. This alone has helped her companies blossom and unfold into lucrative and successful ventures. She wants that momentum to grow and seep into the companies and communities around her. While the two focused areas of C.L.E.V.E.R. are separate, they find themselves constantly intertwining as she continues to strive and grow toward a more equitable future for all. 

C.L.E.V.E.R. is a registered non-profit organization with  501c3 status, a member of the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits, and the owner, Stephanie Kline is a member of the Town of Mooresville Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Authors Guild.

C.L.E.V.E.R. Mission & Vision

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Mission: C.L.E.V.E.R.'s mission is to create an equitable society through our two pillars: Youth LGBTQIA+ Advocacy & Youth in Arts.


Vision: C.L.E.V.E.R.'s vision is to create love and equity through voices, education, and reflection.